Tranquility Contour Liner (Case)

Tranquility Contour Liner (Case)
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  • Item #: TRA3096
  • Manufacturer: Tranquility
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The unique wider design of this pad effectively contains larger amounts of fluid and bowel incontinence. The flow-trhough top and back sheet allows liner to fill to capacity then pass additional fluid to the host garment. The soft texture makes clean up easier. Contour Booster pads are convenient to change, easy to dispose of, and economical. Latex-free.

Booster Contour: 21 1/2" x 13 1/2", 13.6 fl oz (403 ml), Case of 120

*We also have packages available, Ask us!*

-- To create more absorbency, combine with the Booster Pad -- 

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