Prevail Belted Shield (Case)

Prevail Belted Shield (Case)
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  • Item #: FQPPV324
  • Manufacturer: Prevail
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Moderate to heavy incontinence protection for wearers that are typically on the go. Prevail® Belted Shields provide a comfortable fit and feature a Target Acquisition Zone and the Blue Stay-Dry Layer that wicks and locks liquid away, providing superior protection and skin dryness. The elastic straps are reusable and the reinforced button holes assure a snug fit to prevent leakage. Cloth-like outer fabric provides both discretion and comfort. One size fits most. White. Features: • Soft, Breathable Fabric • Quick Wick™ • Reinforced Button Holes • One Size Fits Most

White, One Size Fits All, Case of 120

*We also have packages available, Ask us!*


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