Podiatrists' Choice® Ball-of-Foot Cushion

Podiatrists' Choice® Ball-of-Foot Cushion
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  • Item #: P88
  • Manufacturer: Pedifix Products
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Protects forefoot, helps relieve and prevent pain and calluses. Absorbs shock and reduces friction. Soft, double-layer foam pad stays securely in place with a comfortable toe loop. Hand-sewn nylon cover for extra durability. Great for thin-soled footwear. 1 per pack.

  • Prevents Painful Calluses
  • Protects Sensitive Area
  • Absorbs Pressure, Friction & Shock
  • Durable Nylon Cover
  • Dual Layers of Soft, Protective Foam

Provides Extra Metatarsal Padding

Slip loop over second toe and position cushion under the ball of the foot. Pull hosiery on carefully and readjust if necessary. 

Hand wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly. Press flat in towel to remove excess moisture. Air dry completely before reuse.

If you have diabetes, consult your doctor before using.

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