Echo Folding Scooter

Echo Folding Scooter
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  • Item #: FS777
  • Manufacturer: Shoprider
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The Echo Folding scooter is the perfect mobility solution for those with active livestyles Brought to you by Shoprider, the most reliable scooter brand on the market. Shoprider's latest mobility innovation is in the Echo Folding scooter, which folds and unfolds in only a matter of seconds! This new innovative feature makes the Echo Folding scooter ideal for those who want their mobility solution to be as quick and active as they are - truly the ideal scooter for exploring the world or around town.


  • Folding/unfolding time: 10 seconds
  • Scooter Folded: 19” x 17.5” x 29” (LxWxH)
  • Weight Capacity: 200lbs (on level ground)
  • Scooter Overall Weight: 59 lbs
  • Flat-free tires
  • Adjustable tiller angle

Quick Specs

  • Scooter Overall Weight: 59 lbs
  • Scooter Weight Capacity: 200lbs

Scooter Extended

  • Scooter Length: 39.8”
  • Scooter Width: 17½”
  • Scooter Height: 35”
  • Seat to ground height: 20”
  • Seat to floorboard height: 16”

Scooter Folded

  • Scooter Folded
  • Scooter Length: 19”
  • Scooter Width: 17½”
  • Scooter Height: 29”


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