Dignity Liner (Case)

Dignity Liner (Case)
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  • Item #: SOLO-HUM30071
  • Manufacturer: Humana
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Low-profile, super-absorbent liner with adhesive release tape secures in any underwear or in any Dignity® undergarment. Features a layered design for complete protection: first, an acquisition layer distributes fluid quickly and evenly, then a superabsorbent polymer "gels" when wet to lock in wetness, last, a moisture-proof outer barrier and soft, nonwoven facing provide comfort and protection. For light to moderate incontinence. Features: • Low Profile • Acquisition Layer • Super-Absorbent Polymer • Adhesive Strip • For Regular Underwear or Dignity® Garments • Moisture-Proof Outer Barrier • Light to Moderate Protection

(HUM30071): 4" x 12", Moderate: 14 fl oz, Case of 175

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