Bed Pan, Comfort

Bed Pan, Comfort
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  • Item #: Comfort Pan
  • Manufacturer: Church Products, Inc.
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The COMFORTPAN was developed by Judi Church, who for 24 years listened to numerous complaints of the discomfort nursing patients experienced who had no other choice than the standard, uncomfortable steel or plastic bedpans on the market. She felt there had to be a way of creating a more comfortable bedpan that did not cut into the patient's inner thighs, cause lower back pain or overflow onto the bed. The COMFORTPAN bedpan is proving to be a dream come true for both patients and caregivers. We think you will agree once you have tried it! The COMFORTPAN is perfect as a bariatric bedpan and a standard for many hospitals and nursing facilities, as well as for home care patients. The COMFORTPAN bedpan is the ORIGINAL, patented first of its kind on the market! 100% Manufactured and built in California USA since 1993.

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