5in Threshold Entry Ramp

5in Threshold Entry Ramp
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  • Item #: TMER 5
  • Manufacturer: EZ Access
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Easy installation. Supports up to 600 pounds and features a 3-year limited warranty. Made in USA.

The Transitions Modular Entry Ramp - is perfect for doorways to create a smooth and strong entry and exit. It is made with high-strength aluminum that will never rust or corrode and has an extruded slip-resistant surface to increase safety. It can be used for doorways, sliding glass doors, and raised landings. It is lightweight and easily transported from one place to the next for added convenience. Browse through the Transitions Modular Entry Ramp features, specifications and printable materials to learn more. 

Product Features

  • Made of Aluminum

    The Transitions Modular Entry Ramp is made from high-strength aluminum that will not rust or corrode and can support up to 700 pounds, 350 pounds per wheel or caster.
  • Lightweight and Portable

    The Transitions Modular Entry Ramp can be taken from one location to another with ease. With its aluminum structure, it is strong and lightweight enough to travel with.
  • Slip-Resistant Surface

    The Transitions Modular Entry Ramp features a safe, extruded slip-resistant surface for superior traction.
  • Modular Design

    The Transitions Modular Entry Ramp is available in 1, 1½, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 inch heights.

The Transitions Modular Entry Ramp is strong, lightweight, and safe for all users. By combining extensions the Modular Entry Ramp can reach seven different heights.

Made of aluminum       √
Non-skid surface       √
Modular Design       √
Usable size ( H x L x W ) 5" x 27½" x 34"
Weight ( lbs.)* 15 lbs.
Weight capacity ( lbs.) 700 lbs.
For wheelchairs & scooters       √
Usage guidelines ** 4¾" - 5¼" rise

*  Weights are approximate and may vary.
** Consult your equipment's owner guide for proper degree of incline. Never exceed its recommendations.

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